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My name is Natasha Kawam and I love anything and everything about triathlons. My triathlon journey started off when I was a competitive swimmer, then I transitioned to track and field and more intense running training, and then I fell in love with cycling. I specialize in the Half-Ironman distance triathlons and have done a total of 11 in my Triathlon career so far. I have extensive swimming, running, and cycling coaching experience as well as strength training. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of triathlon training and fitness in general with clients to help them on their own journeys, whatever they may be. Think I might be the coach for you? Click the button below to contact me



Just like a trident, the 3 integral parts of a triathlon are the Swim, Bike, and Run. Trident Triathlon Coaching’s main goal is to help individuals successfully achieve their triathlon goals. Whether those goals are completing your first Tri a Tri or your first Ironman, Trident Triathlon Coaching is the group for you! TTC provides a range of training plans whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete, there is always something for everyone. I specialize in training plans for Half Ironman’s and Full Ironman’s, however, that being said, I still of course offer a wide variety of training plans for all levels and distances in the sport.





I can’t say enough good things about coach Nat. Since starting with her in 2019, I’ve completed my first two Ironman 70.3 triathlons and I’m looking forward to more. Her training plans are well structured, very detailed, and extremely effective. She even does her best to accommodate my special requests and my crazy schedule! Beyond the training plan, she will often check-in with me throughout the week, meet up with me for workouts and strategy sessions, and even pace me for time trials. My favourite coach Nat story was when she showed up to cheer me on at my second Ironman 70.3. She was right there on the sidelines encouraging me and she even paced me for the last 2 kms of the race. With coach Nat by my side, I know anything is possible!



Before I started training with Nat I could hardly swim 100 meters. But after a few months of work with her, I was able to complete my first Half Ironman, and the swim was the easiest part! Natasha is a great coach, she is super knowledgeable on swimming, cycling, running, strength training, anatomy, and lots of other stuff and her training plans show it. She catered my plan to me specifically and made adjustments depending on my schedule and my body. I would highly recommend her whether you’re a super triathlete or a beginner like me!



I was lost in my training and was looking for direction in triathlon training and Natasha gave me that and much more. Natasha is a kind, supportive and knowledgeable triathlon coach and a great communicator; she listened to me with great care and provided the best resources to move forward from psychological setbacks and physical injuries. Natasha is an elite triathlete herself; while having trained and competed for many years herself, she is an excellent coach. If you are looking to get into triathlons or continue a purposeful and effective triathlon training, I recommend Natasha!! Natasha is the best!



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